American Horror Story, FX

Since Boxing Day, FX has been showing repeats of the latest American hit TV show, American Horror Story. As an antidote to all the festive joy that has been beamed into our living rooms over the past few weeks, I decided to play Scrooge this Christmas by watching the first two episodes the show. Continue reading

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Brilliant blog here:

Definitely worth a look at- a seriously good read.

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Perhaps one shouldn’t do EVERYTHING before they die eh Stace?

“I wanna do everything, you only get to live once and I want to do everything before I die” Stacey Solomon, on Celebrity Mastermind 2011. Continue reading

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Investigation: Popular Culture vs. High Culture in Cardiff

Have shows like the X Factor made it more difficult for traditional theatre productions to engage with its audiences?

In 2010 the Arts Council Wales conducted a survey, looking at audience engagement and participation with the arts. The survey revealed that 86% of adults in Cardiff did attend live events, but only on an average of once a year because of time and money constraints. With this in mind, does this mean that theatres now have to work that much harder to secure full attendance to their performances and could people be turning to more current, cheaper alternatives? Continue reading

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Someone have a word with Harry.

So the inevitable has actually happened. The cast of The Only Way is Essex is releasing a Christmas Single. That’s the bad news. Continue reading

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A possible turning point in pop music for the new millennium…

The (pop) Culture Blog may have stumbled across a defining moment in the way popstars deal with the inevitable key change. The past decade and this new one can now be defined in two ways: Continue reading

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Have a very Merry Hoisin Duck Christmas…

So Christmas is just around the corner and we all know what that means, companies pulling out the big guns with their festive advertising campaigns. But where to begin with this years offerings? Continue reading

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